Hi, my name is Alex Wenger. I am a Senior and Informatics Major (with a Computer Science Minor) at Indiana University. I love programming and discovered over the last couple years that I have a passion for Game Development. I have also helped Co-found sharing-economy company called Win-Kel for whom I developed and launched their first app on the Apple appstore.

My Story

Three years ago, I played a game called The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I have always loved role-playing games, however The Witcher 3 really struck a chord with me. I was absolutely blown away by the game's beautiful development and immersive story. From that day on, I was inspired to lead the development of a game that delivered to players an experience as incredible as that from The Witcher 3. I began tinkering with Unity to start teaching myself game development, and have since begun to develop my own 3-D RPG which I now refer to as: Chapter 1.